PINS SPINON Research Foundation

Spinon is a branch within Private Institute Nature Sciences PINS established to expand scientific knowledge and further the understanding the role quantum, wave and information phenomena and fields play in human health.

The principal investigation within PINS Spinon is in the field of mid-range frequency electromagnetic spectrum emission from the human body in context of TimeWaver and Healy treatment accompanied by the measurements of body’s electric impedance and physiological data used in biofeedback.

PINS SPINON Background

PINS instutute has been founded to create holographic visualizations for the use in biofeedback, bioresonance and biohology in order to increase these methods’ effectiveness in nervous, lymphatic and endocrine systems activation and balancing in order to realize step in human evolution called Homo Quanticum Holon or Homo Quantum Holon and  characterized by Quantum Intellect. Holographic data used in our bioholograms is derived from EEG / fMRI / MEG, proton resonance, impedance spectroscopy and holographic PINEM data.

Spinon project has been setup to conduct the research within the PINS’s assumptions and with the focus directed to derive the insight into quantum wave and information phenomena and fields manifested in human physiology in relation to general health states.


Spinon current theory and Holon current theory, Holon Electromagnetic Field.

PINS SPINON Methodology

Holographic PINEM

George Rajna, “Holographic Quantum Interference
I. Madan, et al., “Holographic imaging of electromagnetic fields via electron-light quantum interference“, 2019

Quantum Holopedia Glossary

Atom Teleportation ~ where atom is teleported (see Quantum Teleportation)

AQ ~ AI Quantum

biofeedback ~ is based on the fact that body’s intrinsic natural functions occur at a level of awareness generally called the unconscious. The biofeedback process is designed to interface with selected aspects related to these processes, bring them to conscious observation and methodically train to introduce long lasting positive effect in the body.

Bioholograms ~ are nanoscale laser encodings either of general use or personalized based on individual geometrical optics in chromosomes.

Biohology ~ is subset of biophysics that investigates and researches biological holography which represents brain and body morphology and functions in holographic format. Brain biohology is PINS’s main focus in regards to EEG/MEG/fMRI biofeedback and proton bioresonance in NMR towards Homo Quanticum Holon or Homo Quantum Holon Intellect.

Bioresonance ~

Brain Computer Interface BCI

Brain Computer Interface BCI ~

DAQ Dictionary

DAQ ~ Digital Ledger Technologies (DLT), constituting both hardware and software, that use Quantum Phenomena as the modes of operation, such as in quantum information field technologies used in quantum generators as hardware and semantic databases in its software, and supported by Artificial Intellect.

DARQ ~ Digital Ledger Technologies (DLT) supported by Artificial Intellect for Extended Reality with Quantum Phenomena.

Discrete Time Crystal (DTC)

Electron Teleportation ~ where electron (wave) is teleported (see Quantum Teleportation)

Entanglement System Algorithms ESA ~ Motion as a subject for qubits generation, domain in quantum field theory, where on the flows an entanglement on the transfer occurs. Entanglement of operating system kernels (nucleic acids) on networks DLT, Algorithmic Legal Order, quantum IoTs, quantum transfers, semi-quantum systems.

GenoWave Teleportation ~ involves a teleportation of the Information Field of biological system, such as humans, in the therapeutic context. A mother~daughter~therapist system serves as a prominent example of such teleportation setup, where innately entagled mother’s and daughter’s Information Fields correspont to entangled pair and when therapist’s Information Field is added to the system, through his work therapeutic with the mother, his Information Field’s state is teleported onto the daugher’s Information Field.

Holarchium ~ Quantum Network Sensor, where the network is made from holons and implemented and the way that the activity on the network analysed with artificial intelligence algorithms to detect stochastically influenced quantum phenomena on the network.

Holo Artilekt ~ holographic algorithms for generating synthetic intellect in real time and transferring bioholographic [Greguss 1968] images to consciousness supported by artificial intelligence and BCI.

HoloBiofeedback ~ Biofeedback with Looking Glass Display.

Holographic and Traditional PINEM comparison

Holographic PINEM ~ Holographic Photon-induced near-field electron microscopy (PINEM) is an improved version of conventional PINEM where surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) are imaged with long electron pulses which results in time-averaged envelope. Holographic PINEM extends this to two ortogonal SPPs which form standing wave pattern imaged as perioding modulation in PINEM [1].

[1] I. Madan, et al., “Holographic imaging of electromagnetic fields via electron-light quantum interference“, Science Advance, 2019

Holon DLTs ~ Holon Distributed Ledger Tunnels (DLTs) operating network is designed to collect data from quantum therapies, wave therapies, cells potential, gravitation field and information field and to organize them in scalable and highly performant network. It serves as a database for holograms storage and holographic data distribution. This holographic data comes from anatomical and morphological imaging of human body.

Holopedia ~ Internet Encyclopedia for holographic entries related to
Medicine & Therapies
Education & Trainings
Entertainment & Movies
Billboards & Advertising

Holoportation ~ Hologram teleportation

Holon Spinon Teleportation ~ where holon and spinon are teleported (see Quantum Teleportation)

Quantum Intellect

Homo Quanticum Holon or Homo Quantum Holon ~ is a new humaninty resulted from elevated intellectual and intelligence capabilities through Holo Artilect, Quantum Holo Artilect and Quantum Intellect and the work that superintelligent holograms perform on the brain to establish fully biologically integrated quantum holon neural network in the human brain. Further, Quantum Intellect become integrated in the genetics making it a human acquired trait (epigenetics).

MAQ ~ MBL AI Quantum Many Body Localization combined with Artificial Intellect and Quantum Computation,

Many-Body Localization (MBL)

Multidimensional Entanglements ~ Qudits ~ multidimensional quantum systems, also refered as qudits, are systems where more than two states are in superposition. Such systems can form multidimentional entanglements.

Photon Teleportation ~ where photon (wave) is teleported (see Quantum Teleportation)

PINS Spinon ~ PINS SPINON is a research foundation that conducts experiments based using technology from Quantum Holopedia.

Quantum Holopedia ~ Quantum Holopedia is an institution that supports information technology for quantum holographic algorithms.

Quantum Information Field Energy randomness ~

DLT ~ Distributed Ledger Technologies
AI ~ Atificial Intellect
QI ~ Quantum Information

Quantum Predictor ~ Predicts the future evolution of qubit’s state by, for example, applying predictive feedback during quantum information experiments [qp1]. Machine learning is employed to estimate the future state evolution based on previous observations. Temporal correlations in noise processes are used to suppress qubit’s dephasing. Noise acquisition is another technique that mitigates quantum states’ decoherence [qp2].

[qp1] Sandeep Mavadia, et al., “Prediction and real-time compensation of qubit decoherence via machine learning“, nature communications, 2017

[qp2] G. Braunbeck, et al., “Decoherence mitigation by real-time noise acquisition“, Journal of Applied Physics 130, 2021

Quantum Teleportation ~ is the process which transmits quantum state from the original entity or a system to the receiver mediated by classical transfer of the information needed to complete the transfer the state. It was first shown and formalized by Charles H. Bennett and his team in 1993, who used a pair of two EPR entangled photons to transfer quantum state of a third photon to one of the the entangled pair’s photon.

Tachyons MBL~DTC

Tachyons XX ~ Hypothesis concerning Homo Quantum Holon communication with quantum information field, information field’s teleportation status and quantum energy in relations between Homo Quantum Holon (f. ex. in mother~daughter and twins context)

Quantum DLT

Quantum VPN
Infinitely multidimensional biological quantum ~ life trajectory
Qantum Bioresonance

Quantum Trajectory Theory

Jianwei Wang, et al., “Multidimensional quantum entanglement with large-scale integrated optics”, Science 20 Apr 2018

Quntao Zhuang, Stefano Pirandola, “Entanglement-enhanced testing of multiple quantum hypotheses”, Communications Physics volume 3, Article number: 103 (2020)

Yuchen Wang, et al., “Qudits and High-Dimensional Quantum Computing”, Front. Phys., 10 November 2020